How to Track and Calculate Account Balances

  • On the "Account" page, you can view the balance of each account.

  • Elven calculates the balance of each account based on transaction information. This means that all transactions, whether they increase or decrease the balance, are reflected in the account balance.

  • Taking the Cobo account as an example, by filtering its transactions on the transaction management page, you can see that some transactions increase the balance, while others decrease it.

  • Using these transaction data, we can calculate specific figures, such as 4 ETH remaining, 600 PAX, and 50 USDT.

  • Returning to the "Account" page, you can verify these calculated results.

  • For other accounts, the method of calculating the balance is the same. Before you manually enter the account balance, Elven automatically calculates the balance of each currency based on transaction data and presents the total in the converted report currency.

  • Each time transaction data is synchronized, Elven recalculates the account balance to ensure that the balance information is always up-to-date.

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