How to Manage and Analyze Transactions

  • When you enter the transaction management page, you will see all transactions related to your data sources displayed here.

  • Elven automatically identifies the details of each transaction.

  • The system recognizes various aspects of transactions, including transaction types (such as 'transfer in', 'transfer out', 'gas fee', etc.), the currency of the transaction, the amount and direction, as well as the counterparty involved.

  • You can view the time of transactions in three different ways: UTC time, the original time zone of the data, or the time zone of your report. This feature is designed to facilitate easy reconciliation and reporting.

  • For each transaction, you have the option to add notes and attachments, which can be useful for adding various types of vouchers or evidence.

  • Transactions can be filtered based on a variety of conditions, enabling you to quickly find the specific transactions you need. You can select the type of transaction, including on-chain transactions, bank transactions, exchange transactions, and more. Choose the transaction date. You can select the cryptocurrency and fiat currency involved in the transactions. Choose the transaction's account or type of account. Once all selections are made, click 'Apply' to filter the relevant transactions.

  • Once you've filtered the transactions as needed, you can export the results to your local system for further use or analysis.

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