How to Add Sources Using CSV Files

  • If your exchange does not support API integration, or if the transaction data you need to import comes from a platform we do not currently support, Elven offers a solution to add data sources by uploading CSV files.

  • On the interface, select the exchange platform from which you need to import data.

  • Enter your account name and save it. After saving, you can see your account in the “Account” list.

  • Find your account in the “Account” list and click to view more details.

  • On the account details page, click the “Add data” button and choose the CSV file you need to upload. You can also download our data template and organize your CSV file according to the template before uploading.

  • Elven will automatically analyze the CSV file you upload. Once everything is verified, click the “Upload” button to import the transaction data into the system.

  • You can also add bank data sources by uploading CSV files. We have processed transaction templates for mainstream banks, and you can use a universal template to import your bank transaction records.

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