How to Add Sources and Import Transactions

  • Log in to your project and go to the “Account Management” page. Here, you will see a prominent ‘Add Account’ button. Click this button to start adding various types of data sources.

  • If you want to import on-chain transaction records, please select the blockchain your wallet belongs to and enter your wallet address.our system will automatically synchronize and process the on-chain transaction data for this wallet.

  • You have the option to import all transaction data, or, based on your needs, only import transactions from a specific time period.

  • After clicking the “Save” button. You can view the newly added wallet information in the “Account” list.

  • The most convenient way to import transaction data from an exchange is by adding the exchange’s API.

  • Enter your API Key and Secret, and choose the time range for the transactions you want to import. Click “Save,” and elven will automatically synchronize and process the transaction data from your exchange account, displaying it in the “Account” list.

  • If your exchange does not support API integration, or if your transaction data comes from a platform we do not currently support, our system also allows you to add data sources by uploading a CSV file.

  • Please refer to our “How to Add Sources Using CSV Files” guide for detailed instructions.

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