How do we process Exchange APIs

For now Elven supports three kinds of Exchange data:

  1. Trade

  2. Deposit

  3. Withdraw


Usually, the actual counterparty of a trade transaction is the exchange itself. As a result, we will display no counterparty in the transaction list.


On-chain deposits have two steps:

  1. Transfer token from your wallet to the exchange-assigned wallet address

  2. Exchange adds balance to your account

The deposit will be illustrated as a transfer from the exchange-assigned wallet address to your exchange account in your exchange data source


On-chain withdrawals have two steps:

  1. Exchange decreases the balance from your account

  2. Transfer token from the exchange central wallet address to your wallet

Because exchange APIs do not provide their central wallets to us, the withdrawals will be illustrated as a transfer from your exchange account to the empty address.

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