Data Integration

Data sources are the basis for labeling transactions and generating financial statements. You only need to add the basic information of the data source, and Elven will automatically obtain the data and generate a transaction list.

We currently use API or CSV to support the following data sources.

  • Chains: all on-chain data are integrated by our API, which means you only need to provide us with your wallet address, and we will get all the data for you.

  • Exchanges: By default, we support exchange APIs and cover deposit, trade, and withdraw data. You must set up the read-only API key and secret in your exchange account and add our IP to the whitelist. If the exchange you use does not have API service or the API cannot provide the data we need, you can upload the CSV files.

  • Custodians: Same as exchanges.

  • Banks: Most banks do not have API services for SaaS platforms. So, we use CSV file uploading as the data integration method.

  • Payment Channels: Same as exchanges

To know the platforms we support and our integration roadmap, you can visit our website:

Make sure you already have a pair of API Key and Secret. Please refer to this page if you do not know how to get them. Obtain API Key and Secret of Exchanges Accounts

The process is very similar to adding an on-chain wallet.

Step 1: Go to the "Sources" page and click "Add Wallet'

Step 2: Fill out the information needed

  • Type: Type is used to define what kind of business the wallet transaction belongs to, this will later help you to categorize the transactional data via our rule engine.

  • Name: Any name to indicate the usage of the exchange account

  • Exchange of the account

  • API Key and Secret of the account


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