De-Fi Transaction Categorization

At Elven, we will categorize de-fi protocol transactions automatically* based on the contract address and method used by the contract. And we prepare a complete set of categories for defi transactions. Here are some examples:

*Now we support the function in Ethereum only and will support L2 chains in future versions.


Token swaps are the most used function in de-fi protocols. We support mainstream protocols including:

  • Uniswap v2

  • Uniswap V3

  • Cuve

  • Sushiswap

  • Metamask swap router

  • DODO

  • 0x protocol

  • 1inch

The transactions will be displayed like this:

Lending and Liquidity Providing

We support top lending and LP protocols:

  • Compound v2

  • AAVE v2

  • AAVE v3

  • Uniswap v2

  • Uniswap v3

Deposits and redeems will be displayed like this:


We now support top staking protocols

  • Lido

  • Rocket Pool

  • Convex

  • Curve

Stake and unstake will be displayed as:

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