Use Cases

Crypto Native Firms

  1. Financial personnel: No need to understand technology, easily add multiple wallets and exchanges, obtain transaction flow in real-time, and perform crypto accounting processing (income and expenditure, payroll, Fair Value, cost carry-forward, etc.)

  2. CEO / CFO: Through the three financial reports of the combined caliber on the chain and off the chain, we can grasp the company's liquidity, position distribution, assets and liabilities, revenue status, and capital flow in real-time, and support multi-business and multi-agent analysis to guide business decisions

  3. Financing personnel: Through the investor account, investors can obtain first-hand financial information about the project, conduct pre-investment due diligence and post-investment monitoring

Asset management

  1. Finance/fund backend: Integrate multiple data sources such as banks, custody, MPC, exchanges, APIs, etc., easily handle transactions such as mining, ICO, DeFi, derivatives, etc., and automatically calculate fund net value every day

  2. Fund managers: Generate daily updated asset portfolio dashboard and fund five tables, master term liquidity, perform performance attribution evaluation and risk control

  3. IR: Customer Perspective Income Statement, Underlying Asset Transparency Report

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