How does Elven secure the completeness and accuracy of the data?

The completeness and accuracy are secured in two ways

  • Multi-source backup: We currently use the service from Flipside and Bitquery. We will add independent node cloud services as a cross-validation method in the near future.

  • Cross-validation: After we sync the data, we will do a quick calculation based on transactional data and compare it to the balance data.

How does Elven process De-Fi transactions?

Transactions with most main-stream De-Fi protocols will be auto-labeled at Elven. We keep a whitelist of De-Fi protocol contract addresses and method IDs, so once we recognize a transaction is related to the protocol in our whitelist, we will categorize it with our pre-set rule.

More details can be found on this page De-Fi Transaction Categorization

What shall I do if there are many transactions to categorize and review?

We would recommend two methods:

  1. You can use the filter on the "transaction" page to categorize your data in batch

  2. Set your own rules and the rule engine will auto-label the transactions

I have spam transactions, will they get filters?

Yes, we only support the top 3000 tokens by trading volume. So spam tokens will be filtered automatically.

How does Elven keep customer data secure?

Elven adopts industry-leading solutions and has a highly available disaster recovery system to back up and store data in multiple places to ensure business continuity. Elven data is encrypted before storage, isolating data between customers, and clear permission segmentation to avoid the risk of corporate data leakage. Elven continues to provide multi-dimensional security capabilities at the product level, including account abnormal login monitoring, global watermarking, and other functions, to ensure enterprise information security.

Right now we are applying for AICPA SOC Type2 Certificate, this will ensure our client's data is secure with the industry-leading standard.

What accounting standards do the reports comply with?

Elven provides GAAP/IFRS-based financial statements linked to Fair Value Measurement and is the first in the industry to provide FASB-compliant accounting and disclosure for crypto assets.

More details can be found on this page Accounting standards & regulatory requirements

What are Elven's service content and charging methods?

Elven provides one-stop accounting and financial reporting service solutions. By providing customers with on-chain addresses and off-chain transactions, data, we will perform business identification and accounting processing based on the customer's business activity list, and finally generate financial statements for delivery. Please refer to the Elven service price list

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